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January 17, 2013


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It's been said earlier that production for a season 3 of young justice is cancelled but hasn't been confirmed that there won't be a new season after Beware the Batman and Teen titans has finished being airried.

Everyone starting to think that Starfire and Raven would come into season 3, but it has been confirmed that their will be alot of new character to come in the last few episodes of young justice we have, so there is the possibility that Starfire and Raven could come in plus Cyborg that I have mention in the earlier posts.

I've also thought that Arrowette and Secret will be back for season 2 since they were in season one as well (Artemis and green arrow helped save Arrowette's father in episode 23 and she;s even shown in the episode if anyone noticed) I all so think will see Flamebird as well.

I've read few ideas for season 3 young justice that a user on young justice wiki has put up:

{{{ The third season would be entitled "Young Justice: Resurrection" and would take place one year after the events of Invasion.

Changes That Have Occured Before the Season:

1. After the white martians invaded Earth and Miss Martian was revealed to be one of them, the people began to despise her, forcing her resignation from the team. But, she still works as the hero Stargirl (shipshifting as a hero she went on a mission with who died).

Me : Im not so sure that this will happen specially since we haven't seen Stargirl yet.

2. A love triangle between Wondergirl, Tim, and Superboy has emerged.

Me: I think this could happen but I think Superboy and Miss Martian will get back together.

3. Tired of being seen as an alien suspect, Lagoon Boy returns to the surface world.

Me: Unsure about this but I do think something will happen to Lagoon boy in season 2

4. It is revealed that Artemis was killed in front of Wally, who is now the Flash after Barry's death.

Me: I think Barry might die in season 2 let alone the chance of Artemis being killed (Hope not) but the chances are that they'll go by the comic line and something bad will happen to Barry at the end of season 2.

5. Kalder dies a heroic death in Invasion along with Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Martian Manhunter, and Hal Jordan.

Me: Depends If Kaldur survives the mind attack from Miss Martian but I don't know about some of the leaguers dying.

6. Bumble Bee leaves the team and Mal to pursue her career interests.

Me:  could happen

Events that take place during Resurrection:

1. A new outlook on the Blackest Night and Brightest Day stories featuring the return of Jason Todd, Artemis, Roy clone, and the dead leaguers.

Me:this is one thing I think might happen but I can't be hundred percent sure,
If there is a season 3 it might just go by blackest night and brightest day comics lines (but I haven't read them only heard parts of the comics line so I can't be sure)

2. Batigirl becomes confined to a wheelchair (becoming Oracle) after a mission lead by Tim goes horribly wrong.

Me: I acutely think this will happen in true colours or a episodes towards the end of season 2

3. The team consists of:

Nightwing, Superboy, Tim, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Oracle, Wondergirl, Miss Martian (eventually after being seen as a hero by some again), and newcomers Raven (who's father Trigon will be partially responsible for the return of the dead), Supergirl, and Captain Marvel Jr.

Me: also possible but I think there will be Arrowette and secret as well

4. Nightwing and Oracle

Robin (Tim) and Wondergirl

Superboy and Miss Martian admit their feelings for each other still being there after Superboy perishes after being controlled by Lex Luthor. Miss Martian creates a dream world for Connor on the last day of his life.

Me: Can someone help me here and tell if this was in the comics series or not because I now sort of getting confused with this idea about Superboy.

5. While all the others come back from the dead, Vandal Savage grows weaker and dies until all of the undead become dead again, leading to Savage reemerging and being more unstoppable than ever in the finale (that also takes place during Connor's death)}


Ok who's a really big comic fan and knows all this comics series? Anyone?
because all I can do is read summery's cause I'm banded from getting more comics at the time. Sure these are all ideas but they could happen....
Plus I found out that Mount justice is meant to be called Justice cave in the comic series if no one knew that.

Darkseid was mentioned in season 1 and he might be comics back in season 2
Did I mention that Mongul was shown in the trailer fighting Wonder girl and wolf so maybe he might be another alien invading earth, plus his (what I think was his ship) ship looked like it was being destroyed.

And For some reason I can't find any clips for true colours but it better not mean its because their going to cancel the episode so by the time I log back on tomorrow I hope the clips will be up.

Any ideas or questions about the series?

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Redd0304 4 days ago  New member
Season 3 please. This is one of the only awesome cartoons that comes on. We kids watched season 1 & 2  three times already on Netflix. Please bring this cartoon back or at least make movies of this.
I think Toonami will have both seasons soon.      It is DC after all. DC and WB.
there is a possibility of a season 3 considering its popularity and awesomeness
i don't know if this is real or not but here:
the link talks about the third season of Young Justice which is appparently called Young Justice: Apocalypse…
We should start a revolt :) like we just spam cartoon network's Facebook with the words "Young Justice" and just watch them get so mad! Lol we really should though. Just do that on every new post they have enabled for commenting.
i really really want young justice to continue  YJ is one in a few series in cartoon network that i like and if there will be a SS3 of YJ i really want to know when it will on air
BIG NEWS: if you want young justice season 3, buy young justice legacy. yes, it's a shitty game but it's worth it if they wind up making season 3 of young justice
Skull--Bunny Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Young Justice: Resurrection, do you know when it airs?
Neko-Chan199 Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I was crying too, because Wally is my favorite of YJ after Robin (Dick). But in the world of Comics, nobody is dead unless there is a body, and it wasn't the body of Wally, so he maybe be in the SpeedForce. If it would be a season 3 (i hope) he must appear like in the comic, with more power and like the fastest Flash (I really hope). 
Neko-Chan199 Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You know I actually liked the fact that he wasn't as fast as the other flashes, cause it gives a sense of difference. I mean, if all the Flashes had the same speed it would be boring in a way, so I like that there might be someone faster than Flash or slower, like in Wallys occasion :D
I actually did think that too, I am hoping that he was transferred to another dimension and Artemis will somehow get him back! And whats the deal with Nightwing, what is he doing? Did he withdraw from the Team?
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